When Mum Went To Heaven Book

Pre-order Now for discount price $25*, before full launch price $30. All profits will be directed to the Torie Finnane Foundation.

When Mum Went to Heaven was initially written for five year old Ollie, after his mother tragically passed away. 

However, we appreciate that there is a special demand for books that help families navigate conversations around life and death, and support them to move forward with grief in healthy ways. 

Whilst it might seem unnatural to be talking to children about death, especially when it hasn’t yet touched their world, teaching and modelling healthy ways to experience and express emotions is vital. When Mum Went To Heaven seeks to contribute to the development of a strong toolkit that will assist children and adults alike to manage when these difficult seasons of life do arrive.

We hope that this book brings life, joy and comfort in the moments that can seem so very dark. 

Disclaimer: Please note, this book is written from a Christian perspective and occasionally uses the words Heaven and God. Even if this is not your personal conviction or belief, we believe it can still be a valuable resource for navigating emotions and putting a story around the passing of a loved one. Whilst this book is published by Owl and the Pussycat Preschool, our early years curriculum does not teach religious beliefs. Following the Early Years Learning Framework we welcome children and staff from all backgrounds, and aim to bring them to place where they know they safely belong and can be ‘be themselves’ with us.