About Us

The unique DNA of this preschool began in 1997.

Lindy and Lynda (previous owners and operators) developed a beautiful community and lay down the foundations for a small and amazing centre. We can thank them for the rich reputation the preschool holds on Collaroy Plateau.

In 2018, eager to pass on their preschool to another Owner-Operator, and not wanting corporate profit to destroy what they had so tirelessly built, Lynda and Lindy passed over the priviledge of running the centre to a family team of Sam Young, Chloe Young, and Julian Owens.

Sam carries the same desire for the centre to focus on quality rather than quantity, consistency of passionate, experienced staff, and for every family involved to have a voice in how the centre continues to run.

Sam is married to Chloe, and has three young daughters.

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