Excitement fills the air as we move into the most wonderful time of the year. It’s during the holiday season that our children are filled with a contagious joy that spreads throughout our communities in anticipation of the festivities ahead.

As we quickly make our way towards the new year, our team at The Owl and the Pussycat would like to reflect on Christmas values and how they can help our children to grow into thankful, secure, loving and successful adults one day.

The Value Of Thankfulness

On this day and again, adults and children alike are guilty of entitlement and are less likely to share. The value of thankfulness will help your child to appreciate what they have and live open-heartedly.

A thankful generation would be able to change the world for the better. This year, try to change the narrative from “What presents am I getting?” to “What are we giving this holiday?”.

The Value Of Security

The world is full of people with bright hearts that are dimmed by insecurity. Children who are taught to be secure in themselves and their values will feel confident to be true to who they are and make good decisions for their futures.

Teaching security is a little more difficult than other values. As a parent, you can help your child grow self-security by being attentive to them, showing up and giving them words of affirmation. You can also teach them to treat others the same way: be present, listen and affirm. Being aware of the impact or your words can make a significant difference. Contemplate switching from phrases like “better be good, Santa is watching” to “I love you so much, no matter what.”

The Value Of Love

Humans struggle to show love to one another when there is no thankfulness and security. Being unthankful has people missing the beautiful life right in front of them, and being insecure makes us afraid to be our true selves.

By raising a thankful and secure child, you open their hearts to giving and receiving love. The value of sharing love with others will brighten your child’s life in every way. Christmas can sometimes bring out comments such as “Santa will only bring you presents if you are good”. Emphasising that “we love giving gifts to each other to remind us how much we love each other” is a great way to demonstrate supportive relationships to your little ones. To teach love, teach thankfulness and kindness ‒ the love will follow.

Practical Ideas To Teach Thankfulness, Security And Love

While most parents agree on the importance of these values, it is often easier said than done. We at The Owl and the Pussycat have some ideas on how you can get started this year.

  • A new tradition: giving back. Make a new tradition to give back to the community with your child in some way during the holiday season.
  • Words of kindness: Another tradition to try and implement is one where each family member, friend, or loved one share words of kindness with one another in the form of a card.
  • Sharing the love: Encourage your child to show love to their friends in a special way. They can draw pictures, craft something, spend time together and more.
  • Looking local: Sending cards to your local retirement village is a great way to show kindness to the community around your family and child. Alternatively, get in touch the the recreation coordinator at your local retirement village and take your family to sing some carols for them.

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