At The Owl and the Pussycat Preschool, we know that each family is made up of different important people, and we see ourselves as an important part of the ‘village’ that is raising your child. It was Father’s Day this month, and whilst we know some families don’t have a clearly defined father figure, many do. This is why we wanted to stop and take a moment to honour and encourage the important dads, grandads, uncles and stand-in father figures ‒ whoever you may be.

The Importance Of A Male Role Model

Having empowering male role models to look up to is so valuable for children. Strong, reliable male figures that provide support and guidance increases children’s ability to form trusting relationships, capacity to interact positively with others and courage to do and learn new things!  Having positive role models in children’s lives is great, however, lasting and meaningful impact only comes with the investment of time and commitment. Sharing experiences together is an amazing opportunity for great teaching and learning to occur.

For this reason, we encouraged a fun getaway with the male role models in our children’s lives to encourage bonding, deepen relationships and just have a load of fun. 

The Trip

In May, we went to Narrabeen Camping Ground and had an outrageous, fun, messy weekend enjoying games with our kids and getting alongside each other as dads.

One of the favourite moments was story time around the campfire when a few of our dads shared stories from when they were younger. The kids loved hearing about the mischief and adventures that the dads got up to in the past!

The weekend away was inexpensive and it certainly wasn’t an Instagram-worthy camp setup. It was real, with messy tents, mud and dirt, sticks and marshmallows. 

But ask any of the children ‒ or the dads ‒ who attended it if it was worth it, and you’d hear a resounding “YES!” because the bonding experience and the memories made were priceless. And it wasn’t just because the kids were out in the fresh air with friends. It was because they had a special time with their dads.

How Can You Bond With Your Kids?

For dads looking for some ideas on how to spend intentional time with their children, it doesn’t need to be expensive or planned out. “Daddy-dates” are a great way to connect with your child.

Here are some fun ideas of what you could get up to without breaking the bank or needing an event planner:

  • Storytelling in a homemade fort or tent in the garden
  • Writing a kid’s book together ‒ the funnier, the better
  • Creating a new invention ‒ imaginative or real
  • Bike riding together
  • Setting up a treasure hunt around the house or the local neighbourhood
  • Kicking or tossing a ball around together
  • Getting messy in the kitchen baking or doing BBQ together
  • Doing science experiments ‒ the messier, the better

Thank You 

Our generation, more so than the generations before us, has placed dads into a much more hands-on role than ever before. On our camping trip, we were delighted to see The Owl and The Pussycat Fathers and male-role models be so actively involved with the kids. Furthermore, every day at the centre we get the privilege to see the effort and care put into each child so that they are flourishing into the best they can be. 

With Fathers Day recently past, we want to acknowledge those who put in so much effort to cultivate and nurture the little ones we have the privilege to look after.To get your child enrolled at our childcare centre and to be involved in the next events, start by booking a tour at The Owl and the Pussycat Preschool today!