Preschool Information

Preschool and
School Readiness Program

Children naturally explore, experiment, discover and problem solve through play. They learn best when motivated from their own interests. Our teachers support this learning through interactions that aim to raise each child’s level of thinking. The best part? Everyone’s having fun!

We follow the National Quality Standard and develop individual learning plans using the Early Years Learning Framework. We have literacy programs across the classes and speech pathology screening throughout the year. We love chatting to you about your child’s progress and their individual interests.

We also help children transition to school, with our school readiness program, which builds resilience, independence, and develops emotional regulation skills. We connect with the local primary schools to ease the transition into primary school.

Download the Parent Handbook here.

Extra Curricular

Movement & Mindfulness







We keep you up to date with photos and a daily diary through the KindyHub app and emails. The diary helps you to share the fun of preschool with your child at the end of the day. You can communicate instantly with educators.

Download the Kindyhub Permission form here.

Our Meals.

Our daily routine encourages the children to sit and enjoy each meal. They love eating meals with their friends and teachers, and we enjoy the sense of family and community that comes from sharing a meal together.

We provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea each day.

Our food is fresh from Australian farmers, and fruit and vegetables are served with every meal (and lots of hidden veggies too!)

We can cater to dietary requirements and are a strict nut-free centre.

Sustainability & Connecting with Nature

There is so much to discover outside. The children love exploring and learning as they play with nature. We teach the children about the environment, sustainability and nature, through fun interaction with our stingless bees, aquarium and worm farm, and they can enjoy gardening in our beautiful grounds.

Community Involvement

We love connecting with our community! We have enjoyed visits from our local firemen, and teaching the children about healthy eating at our local fruit and veg shop. Parents, grandparents and families also share their cultures, professions and skills with us throughout the year. 

Our Grandfriends.

A highlight is our regular visits to our ‘Grandfriends’ at the “War Vets” (RSL Lifecare ANZAC Village) to share games, stories, conversations and joy!

These visits have been shown to richly benefit the residents and help to develop empathy in our children. It is such a pleasure to see our Owls and Pussycats blessing the residents with their contagious energy and joy. 

Our Grounds.

We have three beautiful classrooms centred around providing children with natural spaces to play and learn, as well as rest and reflect.

The daily routine moves between indoor and outdoor play areas, giving children as much time as possible in natural light and with opportunities to exercise and move.

We back onto Collaroy Plateau Park, and enjoy making use of the extra space for nature excursions and sports.

Our sand pit provides children with a fun and calming sensory experience.

We have an onsite kitchen for preparing our delicious meals.

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